Learn about user behavior in your Engagement Report

As an owner or a broker, use the Engagement Report to understand how users interact with your submission stream during its renewal period. Your Archipelago account manager will send you this report weekly via email for the duration of your renewal period. 

To receive an Engagement Report, you must be an Ecosystem or Intelligence customer with an active renewal.

  1. Receive the report from your Archipelago account manager. You'll receive one via email each week during your renewal. The report is in a PDF format.
  2. Open the PDF. You'll see the following information:

Page 1: Information at the company level about users who have accessed the stream. This page organizes users into Brokers, Insurers, and Risk Management teams.

  • Page 2: Information about individual users who have accessed this stream, where they're from, and whether or not they downloaded information from platform.

Both pages include important dates and an overview of different types of users with access to your stream.

Updated 28 Feb 2022
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