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Upload documents related to your properties and insurance placement to interact with them on Archipelago.

There are multiple ways to upload documents to Archipelago:

  • The Library tab—For Risk Manager users only
  • Buttons on the Streams tab or within a specific stream—For Risk Managers, Property Viewers, or Property Editors

Any user in your organization with the Risk Manager role will have access to the documents you upload.

Upload documents through the Library

If you have a Risk Manager role, you can upload documents using the Library.

  1. Log in to your Archipelago account.
  2. Click the Library tab at the top of the screen. 
  3. Click Property to add a document about a specific property in your portfolio.  Alternatively, you can upload documents under Document type or in the drag-and-drop box. If you do this, machine learning associates each document with a property if the document contains sufficient information.
  4. Click the property you want to upload documents for.
  5. Click the upload arrow next to the property name and select the document you want to add.  To enrich your portfolio data, you can add any documents related to your assets. Some examples include: PCAs Property images Structural drawings Seismic reports Each file can be up to 500MB.

Email your account manager if you would like Archipelago to enrich your data using the documents you uploaded. After you upload documents, you can view them all in one place and collaborate with other risk managers in your organization.

Upload documents through streams

We recommend using the Library tab to associate documents directly with a property if you're a Risk Manager. But if you have a Property Viewer or Property Editor role instead, you can also use any of the following methods:

  • In the Streams tab, click Upload Docs.
  • In a placement stream, click Documents > Upload.

No matter which way you upload documents, Risk Manager users can click Library to see all documents users in their organization have uploaded and show the source of enriched data.

Updated 04 Feb 2022
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