Enrich your data

After you upload portfolio documents, Archipelago combines artificial intelligence with engineering expertise to fill gaps, ensure consistency, and correct inaccurate property data.

This process of improving your data quality is called enrichment.

Enrichment helps you take control of your data quality. Insurance submissions containing enriched data represent your portfolio more comprehensively and can improve insurance outcomes.

Depending on which Archipelago package you have, you can use Archipelago to enrich your data in multiple ways:

Type of enrichment


Packages that include this

Map to insurance syntax

Standardizes data according to our schema and common insurance syntax.

- Essentials

- Ecosystem

- Intelligence


Improves the quality of geographic data in a stream.

- Essentials

- Ecosystem

- Intelligence

COPE & Stewardship

Improves the quality of construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure data in a stream. Also Improves data quality for prioritized properties based on data in your Archipelago Readiness Report.

- Ecosystem (for critical risk properties) - Intelligence (for critical and high risk properties)

Learn more about data quality and enrichment with Archipelago:

Updated 17 May 2022
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