Edit losses

Edit loss information on Archipelago to correct errors or reflect changes to your portfolio.

Edit losses only if you want to change specific attribute values for an existing loss or link it to a different property. Otherwise, follow the steps for for uploading your loss data or adding losses.

Download your loss spreadsheet

  1. Navigate to any of your property or placement streams.
  2. In the top right, click Manage Stream > Loss data > Edit your loss data.
  3. Under Select properties, click None selected.
  4. Search or filter to find the properties you want to update loss information for. • To search, type a query in the Search Properties box. • To filter, click Show only properties matching... to create and run a filter.
  5. Choose the properties you want to update loss information for.
  6. Click the back arrow at the top of the panel.
  7. Under Select attributes, click None selected.
  8. Choose the loss attributes you want to edit values for. You can select a parent attribute to select all of its child attributes.
  9. Click the back arrow at the top of the panel.
  10. An Excel spreadsheet will automatically download. Open it to see a spreadsheet with your loss information.

Update the spreadsheet

  1. Click Start Editing.
  2. Follow the prompts to edit the loss information directly in the spreadsheet by editing the columns for which data is available.
  3. Save the spreadsheet.

Upload your changes

  1. Navigate back to Archipelago. If you've closed the Edit your loss data panel, open it again, but ignore any additional spreadsheet download.
  2. In the Edit your loss data panel, upload the spreadsheet you edited. You can drag the file into the box or click the box and select the file.
  3. Click Submit edits at the bottom. Archipelago will attempt to validate your data. If Archipelago cannot validate your data, you'll see a list of cells you need to edit.

When Archipelago validates your data, the platform will apply your changes. This can take up to 20 minutes. Then, you can view this loss data at the stream level or for an individual property.

Updated 11 Jul 2022
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