Key terms

This list defines some key terms you'll see on Archipelago.

  • Data quality—The extent to which your property data is: 
    • Complete
    • Current 
    • Precisely coded
    • Verifiably accurate
    • Easily contextualized
  • Enrichment—The process of improving your data quality using a mix of artificial intelligence and engineering expertise.
  • Export—A file-based output that extracts data from a specific stream or snapshot of a stream in an Excel format.

  • Organization—An encapsulation of streams. An organization usually relates to a company or collection of properties. You can belong to more than one organization.

  • Placement—A proposal containing property data that is submitted to the insurance market.

  • Snapshot—Property data as captured at a particular point in time. For example, snapshots may be used to capture data as it was submitted for a specific placement, a quarterly update, and more.

  • Stream—A complete set of data on the Archipelago platform that is tied to a specific placement period. A stream contains a collection of properties.
    • Public stream—A stream that anyone with an Archipelago account and a link to the stream can access.
    • Private stream—A stream that only specific Archipelago users can access.

Updated 10 Feb 2022
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