How enrichment works

Enrichment is the process of improving your data quality. During enrichment, Archipelago uses artificial intelligence and engineering-led data validation to improve your data quality. This means we combine technology with human expertise to strengthen your portfolio.

You start the process

Enrichment begins after any of the following events:

  • You upload your SOV.
  • You renew your insurance.
  • A specific amount of time has passed—you can work with your account manager to determine an enrichment schedule based on your business needs.

Archipelago works with your data

Next, Archipelago processes the data you provide and performs enrichment. We offer three types of enrichment:

  • Map to insurance syntax—Standardizes data according to our schema and common insurance syntax.
  • Geo-location—Improves the quality of geographic data in a stream, assigning location-based resolutions (such as City, State, and Roof Centroid) from your properties.
  • COPE & Stewardship—Improves the quality of construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure data in a stream. Also improves data quality for prioritized properties based on data in your Archipelago Readiness Report. (Requires the Ecosystem or Intelligence package.)

You see the results

When a round of enrichment completes, your account manager will notify you. You'll be able to see all your updated data on Archipelago through streams, explorers, and reports. You can also view documents you provided that Archipelago used to enrich your data.

Updated 15 Feb 2022
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