Dispose of properties

If a property is no longer part of your portfolio, dispose of it to remove it from your views and reports.

  1. In the Streams tab, click My Properties.
  2. In the top right, click Manage Stream > Properties > Dispose.
  3. Search or filter to find the properties you want to dispose: • To search, type a query in the Search Properties box. • To filter, click Show only properties matching... to create and run a filter.
  4. Select the properties you want to dispose and click Dispose.

It can take about 20 minutes for the platform to process the disposed property and update relevant views. To see changes to your portfolio as a result of a disposal, click Change Analysis > Disposed.

Archipelago does not delete your data; it just marks the property as disposed. Talk to your account manager to reinstate a property and all its data at any time.

Updated 07 Jun 2022
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