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An organization is an encapsulation of properties and users that typically corresponds to a company or an insured. As a risk manager or broker, you can navigate between different organizations on Archipelago to more seamlessly manage or advise property portfolios for multiple companies. 

You can belong to one or more organizations on Archipelago. If you belong to multiple organizations, roles you have in one organization don't affect your roles in another organization.

If you've been with Archipelago for more than a year, you can also use organizations to view previous submissions on the platform.

To switch the organization you're currently working in or viewing, complete the following steps:

  1. On Archipelago, in the top right, click your organization name.

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2. Search for and click the name of the organization you want to access.

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The page will automatically update to the organization you selected, and you'll see streams for that organization.

At any time, you can switch to any organization you have access to. If you log out and log back in, you'll return to the organization you last visited.

How this has changed

If you've already had access to streams relating to multiple companies or insureds, you'll notice this update changes how you view and interact with your streams.

Previously, all streams you have access to displayed in a single view:

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Now, the Streams page is specific to an organization. This means the Streams page shows only streams in the organization you selected in the top right.

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At any time, you can navigate to any other organization you have access to.

To access a stream from a different organization, select the organization using the steps in the section above.

Updated 10 Feb 2022
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