Understand your Underwriting Assessment Report

View your Underwriting Assessment Report and use this information to better understand the risk characteristics your portfolio presents to underwriters. This can help you gain context around insurance pricing, align a submission to the preferences and risk appetite of underwriters, and improve insurance outcomes.

To use the Archipelago API, you need the Archipelago Intelligence package. Learn more about our packages here.

You don't have to be an underwriter to use the Underwriting Assessment Report. Risk managers and brokers can use this report to understand how underwriters might evaluate your portfolio.

  1. Within a placement stream, click Reports.
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If you don’t see this button, email your Archipelago account manager or support@onarchipelago.com.

2. Click Underwriter Assessment to view your report. At the top of the screen, you can filter your report by date. Each report contains the following information:

  • Overview—A snapshot for this set of properties and its changes over time, including its Readiness Level and TIV. A higher readiness level increases the certainty of risk that this report shows.

  • Geography and Hazards—Location aggregations versus earthquake, wind, and flood exposures.

  • Occupancy and Construction—Ranked lists of occupancy and construction types.

  • Losses—Line charts representing losses over time, which can be modified to show either attrition or catastrophic risk.

Your Underwriting Assessment Report will update whenever you enrich data or make changes to your portfolio.

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