Define initial domain access

To control market access on Archipelago, you need an Administrator or Manager Market Access role.

As you get started with market access control for your stream, we'll help you ensure the stream is available to as broad or narrow of an audience as you want.

Archipelago uses a domain list to specify which groups of people can view a stream. A domain list is a list of email domains (for example, @google.com) that can access your stream. Anyone with an email address belonging to a domain in this list can view the stream.

  1. Choose the domain option that's best for you:

  • Domains on—Allows domain-level access according to the domain list you choose:

    • Default domain list—We'll grant access to a pre-approved list of insurers.
    • Custom domain list—Send us a list of domains you want to grant access to. We'll review it and set it up.
  • Domains off—If you want only specific people to view your stream, you don't have to use the domain list. Instead, you'll add individual email addresses to your viewer list.

2. Communicate your choice with your Archipelago account manager. They'll get your stream set up the way you want and assign you the Administrator role.

After you define initial access, you can share the stream with anyone in the domain list.

You can also add or delete domains from your domain list at any time.

Updated 11 Jul 2022
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