Assess your data quality with the Archipelago Readiness Report

Your Readiness Report summarizes the overall health of your property data and provides insight on how to improve it. This helps you take control of your data quality and more fully represent your portfolio through enrichment.

Archipelago defines data quality as the extent to which your property data is: 

  • Complete
  • Current 
  • Precisely coded
  • Verifiably accurate
  • Easily contextualized

View your readiness report

Access your report on Archipelago to understand your portfolio’s readiness for submission to the market.

  1. Click Reports from within your property or placement stream. 
Document image

If you don’t see this button, email your Archipelago account manager.

2. Select your Readiness report. At the top of the screen, you can filter your report by date or property type.

Each report contains the following sections:

  • Readiness Summary—Information about the overall data health of your portfolio, how you compare to other portfolios on Archipelago, and how much of your portfolio is exposed to hazards.
    • Readiness Summary level—The overall level of data quality in your portfolio. We derive the overall readiness level from the data about individual properties, TIV, and exposure to hazards.
    • Benchmark—Your data quality relative to the other portfolios on Archipelago.
    • Exposure summary—How much of your portfolio is exposed to fire, earthquake, wind, or flood hazards. We include this because properties in hazard zones present higher risk, so their data quality is even more important.
  • Core Attributes Data Quality—Data quality of the core attribute values in your portfolio. Archipelago uses core attributes to classify the risk for a building, determining the average level of damage a building is likely to receive given a certain level of hazard.
  • Secondary Attributes Data Quality—Data quality of the secondary attribute values in your portfolio.
  • Data Quality Distribution by Property—What percentage of your portfolio has a higher or lower readiness level. Use this information to decide where to enrich your property data.

Your Readiness Report will update whenever you enrich data or make changes to your portfolio.

Improve your readiness level

Don’t worry if your readiness level is lower than you want it to be. With an Ecosystem or Intelligence subscription, you can work with an account manager to more accurately and thoroughly represent your portfolio, which can enrich your data and improve your readiness level:

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